The information in Italy is usually entrusted to local or category valorization policies that concern single geographic areas, seen more as separate entities than parts of a bigger system. Actually, we believe that the real value of the national territory relies exactly in that environmental, historical and cultural continuity, that, linking indissolubly different places and people together, made it unique in the world.

In this territorial continuum, even the smallest and less known hamlet can assume the same dignity of privileged areas, frequented by millions of tourists, even the smallest craft, artistic and gastronomic entity can be associated to the worldwide known Italian know-how.

That's how we want to show Italy, adopting a tool which and promotes and makes the knowledge and the enjoyment of the territory easier, both in its most significative environmental, cultural and gastronomic specialities, and in the human activities linked to them from a sustainable development viewpoint. A tool which also exploits the knowledge of those who actually know the territory and live in it, and that thereferore want to contribute to its maintainance.